Samantha Gault

The Show Team





All of our wonderful lesson horses are show quality.
Horse show are  fun and are a great learning experience.

Each horse show is different. Cost varies depending on the show.
Some shows we attend may be one to three days.

Shadow Run Farm attends all kind of horse shows, APHA, IBHA, OPEN, SCHOOLING, RATED AND NON RATED SHOWS.

Great jobs to the show team at the Newton County Saddle Clubs show September 11, 2010. We were in the ribbons all day with over 15 in each class. Reese Cody and her Mare Ment To Be Mine won some wonderful ribbons all day. Megan Hinkley and Crize control got all seconds in her flat classes and jumping and winning three reserve champions. Carolina Bennett and Two D Diamond Swept her flat classes with all firsts and was in the top three in jumping and winning one champion and two reserve champions. Emma Kate and Two D Diamond did very well in her beginner flat classes. Gerrilynn Glass and Cookie Bars Delight had a wonderful show winning second on Descipline on the rail out of over 17 riders. and was in the top placings in her flat and jumping too. We had so much fun and cant wait for the next one in October!!!.

Below are the ribbons won at the newton county saddle club show march ,april and september 2010

 Newton County Saddle Club March 2010Newton County Saddle Club April 2010








The Shadow Run Farm show team had a wondereful show at the Barnesville Saddle Club. Winning most of the top ribbons and champion and reserves Way to go!!!!!

Here are some pics of the girls at the  Newton County Saddle Club show April 17-2010

They won a bunch of the top ribbons all day even winning the biggist class Hunter Hack out of over 20 people.

We also won two champions and four reserves!!!!!!




Wondeful job shadow run farm show team. we attended the barnesville saddle club and won most of the classes and were in the other top ribbons in the classes too. great job girls!!!!!!!!

WOW!!! The Shadow Run Farm Show Team went to Newton County Saddle Club Show and cleaned house. We won the largest class (hunter hack) out of 19 and won the hardest class (Discipline on the rail) out of 10. The girls and horses were so good can’t wait till next month.


Early Spring 2010-

The barn is buzzing because show season is here!!!!!!!!!!! We will be attending many shows this season. Please check back after march for show updates.

Horse show at the horse park in Conyers. We have nine girls going. Its gonna be a busy weekend!!!


Barnesville saddle club - Here is a list of the students and their horses that will be attending-

Caitlyn and Prince, Katelyn and Harley, Reese and Daisy, Carolina and Kat, Emma Kate and Pony, Sydney and Dijon, Katelyn and Captain, Morgan and Hugs, Kennedy and Pony, Gerrilynn and Cookie and Megan and Romey!!!!!!!!!

The girls had a great show we were in the top ribbons all day with the most champions and reserves from the day. All the horses showed well and the riders rode well too.

Special Reconition to Caitlyn Puckett at Prince winning 5 firsts in jumping. Gerrilynn and cookie at their first show with firsts seconds and thirds. Sydney Marzella and Dijon at their first show getting a second in crossrails and second in the hunter under saddle class. Emma Kate and Pony winning 5 firsts and Champion in the beginner division. And Morgan winning second in her first show!!!!!!!!

Great job to all my girls!! 


The girls are getting ready for the 4h state show this summer. So far we have 5 girls going. we will let you know who gets qualified for Regionals!!!!!!


September, october and november went by so fast I forgot to update our show resluts. check out our news page for all the year end awards our team won this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!



HJ.Fox horse show

The girls did it again. Two champions and Four reserves. They cleaned house in jumpers also winning 6 firsts and a second and third. We had a blast and can’t wait for the next one.


























4H state horse show went awsome for the shadowrunfarm team. Katelyn Womack was top ten overall with her horse Majestic Nova, katelyn Brackett was 12 over all with Two D Diamond. Katelyn Womack was asked to go to the Regionals in ARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She did really well there placing just out of the top ten. We were really proud of her and Majestic Nova.


The girls did it again. We went to the barnesville saddle club show and won 4 Championships and 3 reserve Championships. The girls and the horses were so good. we are looking forward to the next show May 16.


Newton county saddle club

Katelyn Womack and Majestic Nova sweeped their division winning all of her jumping classes out of 15 or more horses. And was also 1st in hunter hack out of 21 other riders.

Katelyn Brackett and her horse were seconed in her jumping classes. and was 5th and 6th in her flat classes out of 20 riders.

They were both reserve champion in their championship class.



The girls did really well even though it rained all day. We had a blast on saturday at the Newton County Saddle club show. The girls worked hard and won lots of great ribbons










barnesvill Saddle Club show. Katelyn Womack and Katelyn brackett showed their horses and entered Advanced english classes and were First and second all day. We had a blast and can’t wait for Newton County Saddle club nezt weekend. well keep you posted on how they do.


Wet horses and kids!!!!!

Kyndall and her first Win in a equitation class!!!!