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Tribute to Shadow - Shadow has passed March 11, 2007  and will be greatly missed. Thank you to all that loved and helped cared for him.

Shadow Run Farm is named after a wonderful horse named “Aged To Perfection” known by everyone as Shadow. Shadow has taught many,many girls and boys how to ride. I was lucky enough to come across and buy such an awesome horse. The first time I met shadow I was 16. I thought he was an ugly horse from the looks of him in the stall. When I found out he was the “fast one” and the most experienced horse to ride, I was hooked.
I rode Shadow for two years in lessons and showed him too. Over those two years, I fell in love with the big grey 17-hand TB gelding. I knew someday I was going to own him. When that day came, I never knew how it would change my life. Shadow and I went on to so many horse shows and got numerous champions and ribbons.  I used him in lessons to teach little children how to ride. He was so careful and proud to trot them around. All the kids loved him and he was spoiled with peppermints. Shadow was so special to me and has brought me to where I am today. Shadow loved his job of teaching kids to ride. He would always put his ears up and just trot along. Everyone that comes in his path falls in love with his kind heart.

Shadow is a huge part of my heart and wish he was two years old again. In 2004 he was retired for good at age 25. He now spends his days hanging out with “the boys” and munching on grass. He is why I now have a farm. What better way to pay tribute to such a wonderful horse than to name the farm after him.
Thanks shadow. I love you boy!